Episode Six – Golf Media

This was a tough one to approach because of how embedded in the golf “media” I am and not wanting to be too much of a homer or critic.

I don’t think there is a sport that struggles with how to appeal to a wide range of audiences quite like golf. That isn’t a criticism of the golf media landscape, but a statement of the reality that those who enjoy and interact with the game are both young, old, affluent and not, sometimes in equal proportions.

To discuss how the game is covered and the challenges within, D.J. Piehowski joins the podcast to share his experience. Now a content creator for both No Laying Up and the Golfer’s Journal, his past with the PGA Tour makes him uniquely qualified.

  • Which player is the best at providing access?
  • How should TV improve its visual product?
  • Do TV ratings matter?
  • Which player is the most important to the game’s future success?
  • How do you balance edginess and not burning access?


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