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  1. Will — I think you will enjoy my book.

    New Golf Book about Friendship and Family
    The Wichita Kid is a coming-of-age novel that centers on a fatherless 12 year-old boy named Kevin, who has just moved from Kansas to the “big city” of Cleveland, Ohio, and who suffers from anxieties that he struggles to control. To help support his mother and himself, Kevin finds a job as a caddie at a local country club. The program is led by an old, stern caddie master, but the older teenage caddies run the show. Kevin, as one of the youngest and smallest caddies, is forced to adapt to the new and often chaotic environment of the caddie yard and the golf course. This story is both humorous and touching as it involves the struggles that many of us have faced as we march into adulthood.

    Recently reviewed by Golf Digest:

    Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle:
    Also available on the Nook, iBooks app and other ebook platforms.

  2. Mr, Haskett, my name is Darrell Hutchison, Sr. My son Darrell Jr played for Crispus Attucks High School. Last November the Chevy Prep Zone ran a piece on Attucks. I would like to get a DVD of that interview. Could you tell me how to obtain a copy? Thank you for your help.

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