Grace Haskett, November 8, 2006 – March 3, 2023

Grace Alabama Haskett passed away peacefully at home in the loving arms of her family on March 3, 2023 at the age of “almost 17.” (Officially 16 at her passing, Pedigree calculates her age in dog years at 119) A life lived well past its expectancy, it was defined by a never-ending spirt and joy that refused to quit up until the moment her body quit for her. She is survived by her parents, Will and Mandy Haskett, along with her younger siblings (“puppies”), Hudson and Gwen.

Born into the cutest and most rambunctious litter in La Fontaine, Indiana, Grace was the perfect combination of English Cream Retriever Sir Casper of the Morning Valley and champion Golden Retriever Honibun Goldenpaws. Upon meeting her (human) parents for the first time, Grace was with her fellow litter mates when one of her brothers was pushed out of the scrum, left crying in the corner. Grace heard this, left the scrum to comfort her brother and gave him a kiss. The Hasketts immediately knew that she was meant for them. Adopted earlier than planned, she was too young for kibbles when she came home, prompting many in her family to believe that she never actually considered herself a dog, but rather a human. If that was indeed the case, then she lived a “human” life worth emulating.

Grace spent her early years as an only child in Broad Ripple, piling up the miles on the Monon Trail and developing a life-long affinity for mulching sticks. She survived early tussles with neighboring dogs and cats, while also fighting a losing battle of chase with a persnickety groundhog named “Gary.” It was also during this time that Grace began a lifelong love affair with travel. While the trips could often be traumatic, the destinations were always treasured. She spent vacations in Alabama, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Tennessee and northern Indiana, oftentimes basking in the beauty of the great outdoors her city life couldn’t match back home. Grace was an avid swimmer, with no body of water too big or too small to satisfy her love of the water. From puddles to oceans, she swam in them all, living out the last four years of her life in the family pool, her personal fountain of youth.

Grace was a proud patron of the Broad Ripple Dog Park, Hunt Club, Kim’s Bed and Biscuits, Puppy Playground and many other dog-centric social clubs and retreats. She loved a lively conversation, fetching without giving, strong tugs, stuffing, squeakers and any member, regardless of color, of the tennis ball family. As she matured, her stature in the Indianapolis community grew, regularly accompanying family members on errands, to the occasional pet-friendly restaurant, parks, picnics and even the broadcasting studios as a trusted companion and uplifting spirit. To know Grace was to know love, and her devotion to all that she met was as plain to see as the wag in her tail.

The word Grace is derived from the Latin word meaning kindness. To love a dog is to understand kindness in its most purest form. Grace was more than just a creature of unconditional love. She knew when you were happy. She knew when you were sad. Like any good Golden, she would lend you her paw or the top of her head at the perfect moment. There is a frequent saying that we ‘don’t deserve dogs.’ We (and Grace) couldn’t disagree more. We need dogs. We need them to lift our spirits, to connect us with nature and the spirit of life, to make us whole, even when our actions or our thirst for individualism split us apart. We needed Grace more than she needed us. She will be missed… forever.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you hug your pet tightly, love unconditionally, and find any and all means to spread kindness to those you encounter on a daily basis. Oh, and take a walk.

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