Why We Work

The debate that is raging about the NCAA and its treatment of college athletes is becoming as polarized as our nation’s run towards electing a new leader. On one side, athletes are victimized, exploited and spit out by a money-hungry system that uses them to advance their own brand. On the other side, athletes should be more thankful for a free education and just be quiet. Like most polarizing issues, I (and the rest of America) reside somewhere in the middle. I lean closer to the NCAA on most issues, but believe no athlete should have his/her likeness or name used to make money he/she doesn’t receive. I believe there is an imbalance in the system, but determining who benefits and who doesn’t would only make it worse. And, most notably, I don’t think people have any clue what the NCAA is doing with “all that money…”

I’ve had the pleasure of broadcasting NCAA championships since they decided to start putting them on the Internet. Next fall will mark the 10-year anniversary of that endeavor. I’ve been witness to dozens of championships at all levels and in all sports, where athletes no different than the star QB at Alabama give everything they have to compete. How are those sports and championships supported? It all trickles down so that other athletes have a chance.

That chance even includes selection shows. I can’t remember my first, but I can’t wait to host my next! What? you didn’t know that Division II Women’s Volleyball had a selection show?! Well, they do, and the teams react in a way you may find familiar. This is why I work:

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