Episode 12 – Golf Data

Yes, I have failed in blogging for every podcast, but this one is the reason I launched the podcast. I find the endless amount of data to be fascinating in the sport. Who is the best putter? We have a zillion data sets to try and answer this question. Which stat correlates most with success? (Answer: Strokes Gained Approach)

Players are starting to really capitalize on the value of those stats. Some companies, like the 15th Club, are on the front lines in terms of analyzing those numbers to maximize player performance. Jake Nichols is the Director of Golf Intelligence and joined the podcast to break it all down:

  • Which stat is most useful
  • How players use and consume the data
  • Outlying performances in history
  • What is the margin between great and good

I hope you find the chat to be as fascinating as I did…





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