Episode 3 – The Tiger Effect

This is a huge week in golf for a number of reasons, but the most notable has to be the return of Tiger Woods to competitive golf. As somebody who was standing there when Tiger’s glutes didn’t fire in 2015, I can confidently say that this comeback feels different.

Every shot will be tweeted and dissected, not to mention a countless number of polls and prop bets will have the entire golf community guessing what will happen. We shouldn’t care. The only person who is owed something from this comeback is Tiger himself. For what he gave the sport and accomplished, he should have the power to write his final chapters.

That leads to this podcast… I contend that professional golf doesn’t need Tiger Woods the way many in the media do. I also, however, recognize the power he has in every aspect of the sport. The Tiger Effect is real, but how real was it and what power does it have remaining?

With the help of Matt Adams (Golf Channel, Fairways of Life), we break down the numbers of how Tiger has impacted the sport and what this week could mean to its present state.

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