Best Picture in Golf

Yesterday on PGA Tour Pregame on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio, in honor of the Academy Award Nominations, I solicited feedback from the listeners to add to my own list (6 of my 7 were suggested by callers; great minds…) and come up with the ultimate showdown vote off of The Best Picture in Golf.
This is not a movie discussion, but rather a discussion of what is the best visual image of golf. The debate was friendly and incredibly diverse because, let’s face it, there is no wrong answer. Personally, I think standing on the tee of the 18th at my home course is one of the best framed views in golf that I’ve played, but I am extremely biased and nobody could pick it out of a lineup if they tried:

Fort 18

So, in thinking about the Best Picture in all of golf, I felt that it had to be both beautiful (stunning or regal) AND recognizable. It’s why, to me, the 18th at St. Andrews has to be on the list. The hole itself is a tarmac, but it has one magical little bridge, and encompasses a walk unlike any other in golf. While there are prettier holes in the old country, there aren’t many that conjure up as much emotion. Perhaps you love the intensity and stadium quality of the island green, or the exposed brute simplicity of the 7th at Pebble.

So, without further ado, here are the seven choices (randomized) for you to vote on as ‘Best Picture’ in golf:

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