Full Circle

Eleven years ago, I hit a crossroads in my career before it ever started. I knew I would broadcast sports for a living, but the pathway to be successful at that was clouded by my final years of “education.” College, and the internships that accompanied that experience, had built me to be your local television sports guy. Problem was, in that senior year of college, I had totally fallen out of love with the idea of local sports. At the time (2003, internet exploding), the industry was dying rapidly.

So, left with an uncomfortable decision, I took the unconventional route. I wanted to call sports, be a play-by-play guy. To do that meant staying in Indianapolis, freelance in broadcasting and find an alternative job to makes ends meet. That first job came serendipitously. I became a golf professional. To be an assistant pro in Indianapolis was perfect for a guy broadcasting basketball in the winter. It also allowed me to have a great time for two years out of school, in a sport I had played and competed in growing up.

That job also introduced me to a good friend (and roommate). Fast forward a decade (plus) and it doesn’t feel like that much time has passed. I’ve been blessed to merge the combination of golf and broadcasting for a living now. That roommate matriculated through the business to become Executive Director of the Ohio Turfgrass Foundation. And then, both of our careers were able to come together. Maybe it’s romanticizing it a bit in my I-am-now-an-adult mind, but to professionally benefit your best friends after trudging out into the world together long ago is just a great feeling. Just don’t tell my bosses that we know each other! 😉

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