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Ready to Work

It’s been a few weeks since I last talked for a living. And it will be a few weeks more. I’m not complaining about having six weeks off, but broadcasting (for me) is like a drug. You just want more. I want to call shots, or chat with somebody about sports. So….. I am looking […]

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A Bittersweet Business

The launch of my new website aims to serve multiple purposes. It’s a way to organize. It’s a way to share. It’s a way to talk. But, let’s be honest: The website serves to improve my business. While I am blessed to call sports, I do it for a living. Promoting the brand of my […]

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Let’s talk sports.

To say I’m an enthusiast puts it mildly.  On the green, behind the mic and in print, I’m really a storyteller.  I tell the stories of players and their sports alike– sometimes from 288 feet above field or court, others from within reach of the athletes. Regardless of my position in the event, I get […]

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